How-to create Buyer Persona’s that improve Marketing

Would you like more clicks, downloads or sales? Learn how to motivate your target group to take action by creating Buyer Persona’s.

Why businesses need Buyer Persona's

Before we go into Buyer Persona’s, it’s good to understand how it will make your marketing better.

The goal of marketing is to make your target group take a specific action. Your target group takes action to achieve a personal goal or to solve a problem they experience.

The trick of doing good marketing is to find out what these personal goals and problems are for your target groups. The process of creating Buyer Persona’s will help you discover this and provide a way to communicate it within your company.

Buyer Persona definition

Buyer persona’s are semi-fictional representation of your most important target groups. They give insights into the personal goals they try to reach, or the problems they want to solve.

3 ways Buyer Persona's help you do better marketing

#1: You create better value propositions​

Having buyer persona’s helps you to make your business and marketing more customer focused. You will know how to write marketing messages that position your company as the solution to customers problem, or as the enabler of reaching their goal. Any business who succeeds in doing this will see interest in their business grow.

#2: You create more relevant marketing content​

When you create marketing content around the goals and problems of your target group, your impressions, click-through- and conversion rates tend to increase.

#3 Quicker and more consistent communication about target groups​

This is one of the most often overlooked reasons why Buyer Persona’s are so powerful. Having a pre-defined way to communicate about target groups makes communication quicker and more consistent.

Which Buyer Persona's to make​

Before you start your Buyer Persona research you should define how many and which Buyer Persona’s your business needs.

Businesses need Buyer Persona’s of their most important target groups; the decision makers who have the most influence over the purchase decision of your product or service.

Buyer Persona Content​

There are a couple topics a Buyer Persona should include. The 3 most important things are:

1. Personal bio

Give your buyer persona a personality. Describe the personal character traits and its demographic details, like the age and city of your buyer persona.

2. Work goals

What is your buyer persona trying to achieve in its work life? List the relevant personal goals for his or her industry and business. Try to list at least 3 items.

3. Personal challenges

Which challenges does your buyer persona have in realising its  goals? List practical barriers, e.g. budget limitations, as well as psychological barriers, e.g. doubts and uncertainties. Try to list at least 5 items.

Additionally, the following buyer persona topics could be valuable insights for your marketing:

4. What success looks like

When your buyer persona accomplishes its personal goals, what does his or her life look like? What does your buyer persona see and hear? List the tangible elements of success as well as the psychological elements of succes.

5. People that influence

Who does your buyer persona need to take into account when buying your product or service? List all the relevant people here.

6. Channels that influence

Which information sources does your buyer persona use to evaluate a purchase of your product or service? List the content types and channels, the more specific the better.

7. Relevant products or services

List the products and services your buyer persona buys to achieve its goals, overcome personal challenges and create success. List both your own relevant products, and other products and services.

8. Objections

Which objections do you hear often from this buyer persona type? Writing these down will help you to pro-actively create content to overcome these objections on your website or in your marketing campaigns.

Buyer Persona research​

Good buyer persona’s are based on customer research. There are a couple ways you can retrieve your insights. The general rule is; the more you base it on conversations with people from your actual target group the better it is.

How-to start Buyer Persona research​

So, where do you start? Do online research, search through customer testimonials, schedule a couple calls with customers and get out of the building to meet with them in person.

Don't ask your friends and family​

If you want to talk to people in person, don’t ask your friends and family. Reach out to people that don’t know you, but fit your buyer persona. Explain what you’re doing and aks all the questions you need. You would be surprised how willing people are to help you.

Listen carefully​

Listen carefully during your conversation. Take notes, or even record your conversation completely. Use and place the exact words and sentences of your customers in the persona categories. Write a little bio that describes your persona’s character and bring your persona to life.

Buyer Persona example

Here’s an example of a finished Buyer Persona. You will receive this Buyer Persona example with the Buyer Persona template.

B2B Buyer Persona Example

Buyer Persona template

If you’re starting with Buyer Persona’s using a template, like this Buyer Persona template, will help you save time and provide certainty you’re doing it right.

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