How-to Write a Marketing Message that Creates Interest

Would you like more interest in your business? Learn how to craft a simple marketing message that explains your value proposition.

Why every business needs a good Marketing Message

What does your business do? That’s a question you get asked a lot. Potential customers, investors, employees, your friends and family, they will all ask you that same question.

Your answer will influence whether you will make a sale, acquire a new investment or hire great talent. When it’s asked, what do you answer?

If you’d like to have a clear and concise way to explain your business that creates interest, you need a good marketing message.

What is a Marketing Message?

Marketing messages are 1 or 2 sentences that explain the value of your company to your target group. You can also create specific marketing messages for products or industries.

Good marketing messages always consist out of 4 parts. First, they state the customer group and its problem. This will directly grab the attention of anyone who is listening or reading. Secondly, they state the way you solve this problem. This could be your product or solution. Finally it describes the successful situation of your customer once you solved their problem.

To summarise the perfect marketing message explains:

    1. The customer groups you’re helping with your solution
    2. The problem you have a solution for
    3. The solution you have for the problem
    4. The positive result of your solution

3 Marketing Message examples for businesses

Below are 3 marketing message examples that companies use to communicate their value proposition.

Coaching business marketing message example

Many startups (customer group) struggle to attract the right customers for their business (problem). Through personal coaching and proven marketing exercises I help them create a marketing plan (solution). So they will have the confidence and guidance to make the right marketing decisions that will grow their business (positive result).

Grocery store marketing message example

For parents (customer group) who worry about the special diet needs of their babies (problem), our grocery store offers a range of healthy baby food products (solution) so they know their babies can grow through a good and healthy diet (positive result).

Heavy machinery equipment renting marketing message example

Building companies (customer group) who suffer from down-time on their construction projects because of machine malfunctions (problem) can immediately rent our heavy duty machinery (solution), so they‘re able to deliver their construction projects on time (positive result).

How to get inspiration for your Marketing Message

The largest challenge when writing your marketing messaging is getting thrust worthy input. You want to make sure your marketing message resonates with your target audience. One way to get this trustworthy input is by making a Buyer Persona.

Buyer persona’s are semi-fictional representations of your most important target groups. They give insights into the problems of your target groups and the positive results they strive to achieve.

Create your buyer persona using our free Buyer Persona template.

3 practical ways your Marketing Message can increase interest

You finished your marketing message, but how do you use it to increase interest into your business? Here are 3 examples.

1. Change your website header text

When people visit your homepage you have 2 seconds to convince them they should stay. Make your marketing message the first thing they read. Write it in BIG BOLD letters so you’re sure it gets their attention.

2. Add it to your social media bio

Are you active on social media? Then you’re bio is a great place to communicate your marketing message. Add a link to your website where they’ll read the same marketing message. Consistency is key. Your customers need to read your marketing message about 7 times before they’ll remember it.

3. Your elevator pitch during networking events

If you ever visited a networking event, you got asked this question: “So, what is it that you do?”. No need to stumble over your own words anymore, your marketing message is the perfect elevator pitch to increase interest quickly.

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