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Setting up successful marketing campaigns can be difficult. Follow this 5-step template to make your next marketing campaign a blasting success.

“This marketing campaign template helps you to improve the results of your marketing campaigns.”

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5 steps to successful marketing campaigns.






How-to set-up a marketing campaign?

The 5 steps to successful marketing campaigns explained.

Want your marketing to produce real business results? Start by defining crystal clear marketing goals. List your desired business results, the conversion goals, the timeline and the available budget.

Before any content is created, analyse the decision-making unit, and understand how the marketing campaign links towards the pains & gains of the target group.

.. that gains awareness.

Your decision makers need to be aware of you. You gain their attention by naming the goal they want to achieve, or the challenge they struggle with.

.. that increases interest.

The next step is to increase the interest in your product or service. This can be done by explaining how your product or service helps them achieve their goal or solve their challenge.

.. and offers an attractive call-to-action.

The last part of a convincing story is offering an attractive call-to-action. They need to take action to reach your conversion goal.

.. by selecting the right platforms.

Which platforms does your target group use? Are they searching on Google for articles? Scrolling through LinkedIn? Watching video’s on Youtube? Reading industry magazines? Select the most important platforms where your target group is actively present.

.. creating compelling content.

Based on your story, you need to create content for these platforms. Content can be created in many forms. You can even create specific content to gain awareness or to increase interest. Whichever form you choose, make sure the elements of your story are part of your content.

.. and setting-up an attention driver.

When your content for your selected platform is ready you need an attention driver. How do you get your content in front of your target group? Organic reach? Paid advertisements? Influencer promotion? 

All done? Then get ready for launch!

Campaign conversions.

Look back at your campaign conversion goals, how many conversions have you realised?

Budget spent.

How much did you spent on your marketing campaign? Calculate your Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) by dividing your budget spent with the amount of conversions. Review this result, was it worth it?

Determination of Success.

Look back at your campaign conversion goals. Did you achieve the goals you set? Which improvements do you see for this campaign? Write them down. Laarning, experimenting, and improving are paramount for running succesful marketing campaigns.

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“This marketing campaign template helps you to improve the results of your marketing campaigns.”

FAQ’s about Marketing Campaigns.

A marketing campaign is a planned set of activities to promote the sales of a product or service. Marketing campaigns can be set-up to increase brand awareness and acquire more leads.

A marketing campaign plan should include 4 things. Firstly a clear marketing goal should be defined. Secondly, it should include insights into the the audience – or target group – you want to reach. Thirdly, every marketing campaign has a convincing story on which the campaign content is based. Fourthly, a marketing campaign plan includes a description of which content is created and how it is distributed. This Marketing Campaign Template helps you to clearly write down and structure your marketing campaign plan.

Good preparation and research can improve the chances of marketing campaigns becoming successful. There are a 5 things successful marketing campaigns have in common.

  1. Clear and measurable conversions goals
  2. Good and validated insights into the target group of the campaign
  3. A good story that attracts and convinces the target group
  4. Interesting content that’s well distributed towards the target group
  5. A processes for experimentation and improvement of marketing campaigns

This Marketing Campaign Template helps you to follow and implement the 5 success factors into your marketing campaign plan.

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